On to Something Better

Let_s_talk_about_socks__on_instagram___the_power_of_nature___________life__instagood__flowers__moment__creative__decor__nature__mothernature__sneakers__flowermagic__naturepower__by Kluna05 Oct 2020

One day I'll wake up and I'll no longer hear your laughter, instead, it will be replaced with the sounds of birds rejoicing as a new day begins. I will no longer feel hollow, instead, I will bask in the sun as I realize I deserved better. I deserve to feel loved and treasured by the one person I'd sacrifice everything for. Your harmful words are no more, as I had to scrub until my skin bled in order for them to be meaningless. I am no more the empty shell in which you left me. I am now a god who not only knows my worth but others as well.