Cat Fight

Picture_of_me_1by June 31 Aug 2013

They are born innocent little girls
in a sometimes unfit world.
From a baby to a child
then a teen that's born to be "wild".
All of the sudden claws are out
words tear flesh
leaving their prey dead and the meat fresh.
Pretty little smiles painted on their face,
their insides are a completely different place.
They form packs called clicks
only the hottest allowed with these chicks.
Their loyalties are a deadly toxin
and their friendship is a blood sport much like boxin'.
Going out of their way to get titled as "bad,
a trend that is really quite sad.
They tear their own kind limb from limb
if they are not pretty or slim.
What happens when they get to their goal on top, when they are finally done?
They will find that it is only a sad party of one.