Anna Lee

Picture_of_me_1by June 23 Jul 2013

Anna Lee was a girl, young and simple
who could be quiet but rather act mental.
She never asked much from her friends
and to them she stood beside till the end.

She smiled a lot when she was in the light,
but some could hear her cries in the dead of night.
To the people around her she was a beautiful sight,
but to her eyes she was a terrible fright.

One day as she was resting upon a branch of a sycamore tree
a boy beckoned from beneath, "Anna Lee, Anna Lee!"
She looked down startled, but she had to see.
"Anna Lee, will you please come down to me?"

She climbed down with in a scurry.
The boy then grabbed her hand and took off in a hurry.
She held tight to his hand as her world became blurry
the boy saw that her eyes were haunted with worry.

"I wanted to share this world with you."
They were at a meadow that was rich in greens and smelled like dew
it was almost like they were in a world they never knew.
Anna lee wondered away into the tall grass. The boy followed and whispered "I love you."

She turned suddenly and looked into his dark brown eyes.
Over whelmed by love she was blinded; this boy was wise.
She was serenaded by his beautiful lies.
All she saw was love in those beautiful brown eyes.

The love came to a demise and Anna Lee had fallen to her near death.
She tried for months to catch her breath.
This was a tragedy no greater than Macbeth
There was not a thought that was more becoming than death.

Days, turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months into years as it must be.
This young, simple girl by the name of Anna Lee
has loved and lost, has died and risen to see
that life is worth living with or with out he