Memory Lane

Picture_of_me_1by June 23 Jul 2013

She is wondering in an enchanted forest....a place where she is no stranger but a frequent guest that visits just to get away from every day stress or just to capture the pink sky textured with purple clouds in to her camera before it turns to night.

Today was just an ordinary day. No troubles...just a cold, sunny, winter day. She just wanted to visit her second home to take in the atmosphere.

She is following a stone path that forks off into 2 different directions. There are two signs that say DREAM Av. pointing to the right and MEMORY Lane point to the left. She looks at the signs in confusion to which way to go, she finally decides on a trip down memory lane.
The forest starts to thicken as the trail grows narrow and begins to branch off into separate memories. To her right is the most recent memory of her closest friends and to her left were memories of lectures in classes. She thinks to herself that this would come in handy for a test or home work, but she settles to see the past with her friends.
The trail is barely visible hiding under leaves and twigs. The lighting gets darker and darker. Her first memory was a frozen scene, which was the last time she spoke with her "best friend". Her face red with anger and disgust...holding an armful of books...she stands as a wax life.

She looks at her...her heart as still as the wax figure of her former friend. She walks down further into the dark path this time she sees 4 wax figures all of them with their hands cupped to each other’s ear, looking directly at her as if they were sharing a juicy rumour. The memory of the thought that someone she trusted very much would think that she would betray the one that she loves.

The trip continues but no scenes just carvings on trees: "He does not deserve someone like you"..."You are so fake"....and "you are worthless".... Behind the trees is a pond with a frozen imitation of herself screaming into the mirror, with tears permanently frozen to her face and her fist in a tight ball ready to shatter her reflection.

She tries to flee from the sight of her most dreadful thoughts that she tried to erase from her memory. She sees a light through the thick woods and runs to it, tears streaming down her face, thrones from rose bushes under her punish her legs by snagging her skin. She keeps running to the light full speed....and finally she runs to the shore. The sun is bright and the sky is a deep blue. In the water are 5 frozen girls all standing on the water....splashing....smiling....laughing....enjoying themselves.
Sobbing she walks into the water through the memory of the summer before she lost the happiness. She goes to the lifeless figure that once was her friend almost like a sister and sobs...she would do anything to have the good times back and banish the sorrow that hide the smirks, smiles, and laughter.

She goes back to the forest and takes a match to the thick trees and burns those memories of the past both good and bad...and just waits to see what will come of the ashes of betrayal, faith, sorrow, and joy.