A Tall Tale

Picture_of_me_1by June 28 Jul 2013

There once was a woman by the name of Lucy Lue
She was well known for her eyes that were a piercing blue.
Her hair black as night
the locals thought that she was a sight.

There was love in the future for Lucy Lue
but she thought that it was too good to be true.
She tried hard to keep her heart at a safe distance
but he was rather persistent.

One moon lit night while they were taking a stroll.
Something was about to happen; she could feel it in her soul.
After the walk they stopped at her door step and he looked into her eyes of blue.
He breathed ever so sweetly " Lucy Lue."

He put two fingers tips on her heart
and said "I want this part
before any other part of you.
I love you Lucy Lue and I will wait if it was meant to be true."

He kissed her lips...gentle
in such a way that almost drove her mentle.
She watched him walk into the night.
His words made her feel his love but also gave her a fright.

She walked into her home and heard thump-thump,thump-thump.
The sound made her jump.
She hadn't heard this sound in so long.
The amount of time she let slip away was so wrong.

Lucy knelt in the middle of her sitting room floor
the beat was shaking her to the core.
She pulled up the loose board
and revealed the secret item she tried to hoard.

Her hand placed on top of the black box and felt the pulse she buried so long ago.
Never thought that love would ever show.
What to do now; let it out and let it grow?
What did Lucy Lue do with the heart she dug up? The world will never know.