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When sharing a conversation is more then just talking...

Basking in Ellipsis

Profile_pictureby Kris Follows26 Jan 2014

They say
If you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all
Implying that every silence is filled with bad thoughts
Regret and remorse
Yet when you talk, all I hear is breath escaping
The supposed good things have become flagrantly vacant.

So what were left with is the space in between
The noise that flows constantly like a stream
It's that, Vanilla
All filler, No killer
Same old talk
Recycled monotony
I'm on a pedal boat lost at sea.

As I prepare myself to steer this ship
I grip my glass to take a sip
As more words drip from your lips
I slip into a day dream...

And as your mouth shuts your eyes beam
That humid noise evaporates, revealing your real face in a picturesque scene
As the smog clears I start to see
That you and I use words differently.

I mean we speak the same language, Probably
But silence is universal, and when harnessed properly
It can be
Shockingly deployed
The boring barrier of converse has been reversed
Creating an empty void, Between you and I
And with nothing in the way there's no where to hide

I think this threatens you
So allow me to guide.

Now from past experience you've probably guessed that
This silence will precede a muffled awkward exit
But that's not for certain so tonight's the night we'll test it.

Be patient, and pretty soon
You'll find the intimidation is consumed
The void is now a womb
With tender care I believe
In this womb we can conceive
A conversation
A connection
Words you thought were protection
Were nothing more then contraception.

So just feel it, accept it and then project it.
Your Self respect is made by Self
You don't always have to protect it.

If you have something to say, I will not reject it
I will collect and reflect upon your words and take them away
Meaning a piece of you is with me through each passing day.

But don't assume these words are going to change my life
I'll do you the courtesy of listening, but I might not think about them twice.

There's no pressure, I'm not expecting epiphanies
Or high brow deconstructions of Plato and Socrates
Right now it's just you and me
in the midst of an opportunity
To paint ourselves a window that allows us to see
Who we perceive ourselves to be
I'll see you, You see me.

I don't mean to digress
Into this existential mess
This ain't a mental test.

If you don't want to talk, Don't
Why cant we just sit here?
If we wait long enough something might become clear
And we'll see that the body talks more then the eyes can hear.

...There's a flash
I'm back, sipping the same sip
Starring at you through the bottom of the same glass
Your troubling waters come flooding back
Back on the ship without a paddle or a mast.

Yet, You still make me smile
So I don't mind too much
But if silence is golden, My silver tongue has a Midas touch.

So once again, my mind politely sails away
Maybe one day we'll all say what we're really thinking
Then regret it all, and blame it on the drugs and the drinking.