First Steps

11b9447bbab7b6d7f1b00ecd1fc5af49by Kylie K16 Feb 2014

I hold my breath in anguish
My clasped hands are almost numb
I wait in trepidation
I just want this to be done.

She looks at me with confidence
Her smile gives not a clue
Of the enormous implication
Of what she’s going to do.

Her tiny knees are bent
As they support her tiny frame
She smiles at me once more
Oh my, she thinks this is a game.

She finally has her balance
I don’t think that I can last
My breath won’t seem to come
And my heart is beating fast.

A backward glance she gives to me
And lifts her tiny leg
I wait for her to fall
And her screams to fill my head.

But silence greets my nightmares
And then a cry of glee
She’s done what she’s set out to do
Now she’s looking up at me.

I smile though I want to faint
I say she is the best
They don’t tell you how hard it is
Your baby girl’s first steps.