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A philanthropist is someone who gives when they can afford to. Those who give when they cannot afford to are given no such fancy titles.

Tòraidhean Gun Truas (Merciless Tories)

Drewby Drew McNaughton30 Mar 2016

Driving us down into the dust, for the sake of what?
I can only see the path you're taking us down
going one way and that's to oblivion.

Take your hands off the throats of the people
Slowly cutting off our air until we are feeble.
Dying a slow lingering death, stealing our breath
And our bread, don't you realise that we'll soon be starving
Unless you back down and climb off your high horses
And come back down to Earth with the rest of us.

Tòraidhean gun truas.

Your actions unethical, your tactics questionable,
Trying to concentrate power in your greedy little hands.
I put this aoireachas* on you:
May your balls shrivel to the size of dried grapes,
Raisins of wrath,
So you no longer can procreate
And thus nature herself will seal your fate.

Tòraidhean gun truas.

*aoireachas - satire