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Dedicated to my grandfather, Leroy Örnulf Carlson.

In Praise Of Leroy Örnulf Carlson

Drewby Drew McNaughton15 Apr 2016

Heart of Oak,
Heart of profound compassion.
Slight of frame
But with a grip like iron.

You were the one
Who instilled in me
My love of learning.

I remember the books
On Time and Relativity,
On the Cell,

You had in your library
And the hours I spent
Absorbed in abstraction.

And the musty world
Of your private study
Filled with odd trinkets

Prizes, Parchments and
Medical stuff.

Your workshop in the
Garage where you tinkered,
Customising your golf clubs,

Next to your Beamer
With the cassette
Of Schubert’s “Trout”.

I could not even begin
To enumerate your achievements
And even more the people you have helped:

The poor children you protected;
The Society you guided;
The research centre you founded.

There is a part of Portland
That will be forever your legacy
That the people will not forget.

You will live for eternity
With heroes in heavenly halls,
In the hall of valour,

And you are a hero to me,
Leroy Örnulf Carlson.