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Taigh nam Broc is Scots Gaelic for House of the Badgers.

Taigh nam Broc

Drewby Drew McNaughton14 Sep 2016

There are few magical creatures
Left in Britain today.
But there is one I now know of:
The Badger.

Fearless creature of the Earth

Awakened in the night,
Looking out my old bedroom window,
The mist revealed shimmering
Glowing lines of a ghostly hue.

Were my eyes deceiving me,
I wondered as I stared transfixed.
And the atmospheric mist did little
To bring cold, stark reality
To the scene.

Lines, and as my eyes grew more
Accustomed to the gloom,
Dubious outlines of the badgers' form
But the glowing spirit lines persisted.

The mist cleared and the starry heavens
Shone forth and in that star or moon glow
The lines could be seen no more save in

From time immemorial these fearless
Creatures of the Earth would emerge to
Enjoy the glories of the night sky,
Black fur absorbing, white fur reflecting
All the infinite mysteries of the universe.

And then at the break of day
Taking all that accumulated knowledge
Back with them into the folds of the Earth.