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This poem is from my Kyberpoetica album and is one of the earliest poems I ever wrote. Using the sonnet form I tried to capture the strange atmosphere of the dream which inspired it.

Zoomorphic Dreams

Drewby Drew McNaughton05 Jan 2015

A great symphony of fishy smells,
A herd of cats, a bird which swells
To weird proportions, then with a hiss
Deflates to shapes I shall not miss.
A simple rock thrown in a lake
Can cause the earth to move and quake,
As dinosaur with roar of thunder,
Now summoned crushes men asunder.

These eldritch scenes of bird and beast
Have happened, in my dreams at least.
And in this state I too can change,
With ease, my form into a range
Of guises, with which to fly or swim
Or stride, and all upon my whim.