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This poem is dedicated to my mother.

The House of My Childhood Wept

2057286_300by Lori Carlson17 Aug 2013

The house of my childhood wept --
inside, blue tears ran down paneled walls
a precise pool converged on sofa and chairs
All blue -- smokey skies adorned the floor
down the hallway and up the stairs

Momma sat in her blue room
overcome by it --
loneliness bathed her in periwinkle
she inhaled and exhaled
breathing in the saltiness of Navy

One day Alice blue came to visit
and stayed --
she was subtle, barely noticeable
this house so blue
And she slithered down Momma's body
settling between her toes

Momma was engulfed in blue
Alice whispered, just let go
With Momma's last breath, Alice lingered upon her lips
And the house of my childhood wept

© 2013 Lori Carlson