Forever dreaming

Faceless-girl-photography-sunset-favim-com-163926by SA MacNeil17 Jun 2014

Forever dreaming you'll just show up at my door
Wearing a wicked grin and nothing more

You know fine well I would let you in
Up against the wall my body you would pin

My hands you would bind behind my back
As you begin your slow sensual attack

You warned me one day you would do just this
But you've been gone so long I was feeling remiss

Here you are now, teeth grazing my shoulder
Nipping and biting, I'm feeling a little bolder

Down the wall my body slowly slides
Resting on knees I look up at you eyes wide

An adoring smile graces your lips
I take you in with one thrust of your hips

Teasing and tasting my tongue slowly twirls
Your hands in my hair tugging my curls

As much as it pains you to pull away
This isn't how you want me, not today

No this day you had planned right from the start
Painting me with desire, your very own work of art

Lifting me up you carry me to the bed
Placing me gently, my thighs you spread

Your hands gently caressing up and down my spine
My body aches for you, and yet you take your time

Feather light kisses you trail down my back
As your hand gives my ass a playful smack

My breath now hitching, my desire for you glistening
For you my heart pleads, but are you listening?

Unbinding my hands you turn me over
I grab your face to pull you closer

Looking into your eyes I fall under your trance
Our tongues entwined in this impassioned dance

Your warm chiseled flesh under my fingers
With every touch the electricity lingers

Feeling you fill me with such ecstasy and love
My soul forever soaring on the wings of a dove

Too good to be true, or so it would seem
Until our paths cross, I will forever dream