Hungry shadows

Faceless-girl-photography-sunset-favim-com-163926by SA MacNeil25 Jun 2014

Day long turned to dusk
Last fragments of light quickly fade
Consumed by hungry shadows
Come out to feast and play

An eerie silence permeates
The dark recesses of your mind
As a sinister growl escapes
From somewhere close behind

Your head quickly swivels
Peering into darkness you see nothing there
Eyes still blinking to focus
He's peering back at you but you're unaware

A gentle tap on your shoulder
Slight brush of your long hair
Sending shivers up your spine
Warning you need to beware

The air now oppressive
A cloak of black still shrouds your sight
Trying not to panic
You search for any slim trace of light

Sweet salvation beckons
Just across the room
A tiny break in the curtain
A sliver of silver moon

Your desperate escape from harm
A frantic dash towards the light
Only to find he is waiting
You will not be saved this night