No answer

Picture97_-_copyby LB Preece 28 May 2016

Sometimes, I overhear conversations;
little snippets
between sweethearts, husband and wives
giving me insight into lives.
Of people
in love.

"What are we having for tea?"
"Would you pick up some milk for me?"
"Do we have any pesto, can you see?"
"I'll be leaving shortly - be home soon,
put on the kettle, tea with one spoon,
I love you to the moon.
And back".

I smile for them, then I go back to my flat.
And say "Hello!!!!!"

No answer for me.
No one making tea
and I just don't see
why this aspect of life has missed me?
This normalcy for others is alien.
A myth or legend, the stuff of fairytale
I wail,

No answer.
For me.

The phone rarely rings,
the odd texts pings but
what do these people think I do?

A birthday text once read - I hope you're being treated.
To what, by whom?
I am alone.
There is no one here to ask
"What would you like this year, I've heard about this restaurant shall we go dear?"


But still.

No answer.

For me.