Dedicatedly Dylan

46154428_294251674763039_2364701120778993664_nby Laurence Wilkins28 Feb 2019

I see a dream that was broken by cancerous vision
I see a tomb that was made before anybody listened
I see a man so heartbroken, he gave her his fortune
I see a woman took for granted by crumbled ambition
I see the law so frightened they can't touch the pusher
I see the pushers so hungry they don't see the rainbow
I see a man reaching out, I see hands all held firmly
I see a woman so withdrawn, I see all hands are reaching
I see essence of our hearts in a bar, but its empty
I see capitalist hearts in the caff, and it's just about filling
I see the skies lighting up just to give us something to gaze on
I see people gazing at their phones just to give us something to talk about
I see the bulbs on the lamposts trying their best to flicker
I see the flicker of the ash from a smoke that's done wishing
I see the old taking long, I see the young taking longer
I see the free singing their song, I see nobody listening
I see no soul in the street, I see soul in the alleys
I see alleys closing their gates out of fear of prosecution
I see frightened old tree's pushing through all the saplings
I see some seedy old men, covered in bark of hostility
I see a man preaching out, I see the man has no mission
I see a missioner passing papers, I see bins are all filling
I see the shatter of glass, I see the man that it's broken
I see a china doll face, I see people pointing fingers
I see dogs being chained, I see no prison warden
I see prisoners all escaped, I see no written warning
I see civilation, I see no-one being civil
I see a crier crying out, I see nothing to cry for
I see a man lying dead, I see one person crying
I see a man being mocked, I see no intervention
I see hope in ground that's done being trod on
I see a stomp of a head of a man who's just dreaming
I close my eyes, all I see is one vision their wanting
To confuse it with my own, its just worth forgetting.