Unfinished ponderings

46154428_294251674763039_2364701120778993664_nby Laurence Wilkins08 Mar 2019

Throughout the life of a child, he or she may be pushed into
certain sectors of which he, she, doesn't truly have the heart for but
they continue to strive in these segments in the hope of pleasing the life of a much older child, of which he, she, doesn't truly find it pleasing, to preach the same goals they have found no happiness for.
Yet, the cycle repeats. The factory conveyor keeps going. The loop never truly finds time to halt and ponder it's own repetitive nature.
Admiration is fine to give to people who are pursuing their own dreams - pursuing a dream that is a fabrication of a continuous "survival instinct" is something that I myself, have no admiration for.
It is better to leave the race, until you find your dream, than to race to a dream that was never there in the first place.
It's one thing to survive, but it is another to live.