Poetry in God Knows

46154428_294251674763039_2364701120778993664_nby Laurence Wilkins13 Apr 2019

"I'm living in a house right now, and we all get along so swell
Well for that matter, it's just me and a free cat right now but things are going well
I'd like to invite the people who know me, and those who think im sad
To have a sip of my darjeeling, yes it really is that bad."

I keep a few people locked in my basement, mostly writers;
I feed them on paper and ink,
They chew the paper and spit the ink back upwards,
It's a bit crazy sometimes, but it gets the words down.

I have all sorts down there,
Trotsky, Keats, Lenin, Lennon, Yeats, Frost, Buk, Marx,
They get a bit rowdy sometimes, but I prod them with my stick of naivety
Then they all laugh.
It's just funny how we all get on.