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heartbreak, depression, and loneliness. the saying "it gets better" becomes less and less comforting over the days. these are my inner feelings about things we feel we cannot escape.

forever doesn't last very long

Flowersby lr20 Feb 2019

pinky promises
car rides at night
everything beauteous that we were
an hourglass pouring away
while we anticipated our forever

behind the walls
we understood that forever would fall short

when your words collapsed the sentiment
when your fists were like asteroids
plunging headfirst into my galaxy
i knew forever couldn't remain

when our indifference turned into neglect
and i lost myself in a sea of nothing
then you were gone

no one
and i became confined to an isolation
that is paired along with a forever

lungs becoming anvils
like every breath is a quest through purgatory
it's the sensitivity that comes right before you weep
but i'm hostage in this feeling

nonetheless, i continue breathing
in hopes that this forever, too, doesn't last long