Poem #2

Pz-avatarby Leah22 May 2014

The poem speaks
of the rush of
lovers words which
are whispered in
the ears of another.
Imagine he's being
kind to walk where
he see's not her
treasure not her
Sometimes she was
fickle like the wind
she was filled with
him, blood, bone, skin.
Nothing she lacked
but fire with which
to burn. Seagulls
smiling as they come
as they do as they
live, she loved
him best, she gave
him her soul but
the further she went
the heavier she
became. And when
she spoke it was as
if she was unsure
she'd be heard.
Your eyes, your lips
your cheek, she
said and yesterday
and what of
yesterday? More days
which died in the
way in which the
world does. She
gave him a page,
once blank, filled
quickly and made
entirely long enough,
the romance of
the world balled
like twine, shot
through it. Life
multiplying, trees
and branches ready
to fall and smash
those things which
never existed.
Despair deeper than
a cosmic force
create or destroy
my naked body
before yours.