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Dedicated to any parent out there that's ever lost a child.

Secret Club

Eyes2by Leanne Rebecca14 Jul 2013

She sat alone in a room.
He sat alone in the same room.
Backs facing one another, aching, the tension, the presence of the other,
the not talking that said so much.

She didn’t want him there.
He didn’t want her there.
Hands cramping from the clenched fists, tugging at hair, disintegrating fistfuls into nothing,
dust falling to the ground.

She cleared her throat one time
He cleared his throat two times
The canyons on their faces grew deeper,
spines bowing into vines

And the memories, the memories of the time,
a moment stagnant, a moment thinning
what once was is dragged down cheeks,
now canyons of forgetting

A gasp escaped her lips.
His heart fought off the eclipse.
Waves distressed in the air, rippling papers, frozen photos, years ago.
Two books of yellowing names.

She looked into his eyes.
He looked into her eyes.
Whites stained red with bulging veins, lost and broken, blood dripping lakes pooling on shoulders,
ponds of death for geese to wade

She put her hand in the air.
and he took that hand in his.

Palms touched for the very first time, skin to skin, evoking understanding and love and hate and a sense of belonging that washed over frail bodies
as souls united in common agony

She asked him a thought
He lost himself in that thought
Remembering the day he was recruited to the Secret Club of hate
summoned by a moment of feared fate.