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A neglected period of history

Hero Sheep: The Golden Age of Wool

Pz-avatarby Lee Leon16 Dec 2013

In days of old when knights were bold
and dungeons were dug deep
Widely renowned back then was found, a race of hero sheep
These sheep were strong,
these sheep were tough,
these sheep were eight feet tall
And lots of very useful stuff was knitted from their wool

The wool was strong, and woven long to any length was able
To out perform the tensile strength of any modern cable
While nimble hands, pulled finer strands
from out that noble flock
Which taut, sufficed to cleanly slice
right through the toughest rock

Those sheep were prized, and many wise men
kept their woolly kind
Twas said the bleating of those sheep
would stimulate the mind
The wonders that those sheepies wrought,
would fill a hundred lists
And fuelled a boom for work by loom and wool technologists

They found that wool, if tightly bound would not only float
But closely weaved and interleaved, could make a woolly boat
While natural grease, gleaned from that fleece,
if applied just right
Succeeded to fulfil the need to make it watertight.

So woolly fleets sailed ancient seas, to ply the trade in wool
Till pirates knitted cannons, to fire woollen cannonballs
And so, therefore, a woolly war broke out
throughout the world
The war was short, but keenly fought
where woollen sails unfurled

The brief wool war had one deep flaw,
though everyone was willing
For woolly blades, however made, are little use for killing.
This one defect completely wrecked the wool age upward trend
And so the golden age of wool came to a sudden end.