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I wrote this on the long bus ride to school early one morning. It came to me in the midst of me reflecting on how we often do not express how we truly feel to the people we love. Just three words, "I love you", can change the course of our lives forever in ways we never expect. But we often lack the guts and confidence to do so. We're scared of the consequences, of the vulnerability. What if we just forgot about all of that and went ahead with it? What would happen? How would our lives change? Somedays I am really tempted to do it, just to satisfy this curiosity within me to know, yet I am held back by the conventions of our society and by my doubts. This poem is me pondering what could happen if we had the courage.

Why Don't We

Pz-avatarby Lerizsoupe08 Oct 2016

If only the world
Had no secrets.
Where people did not
Hide their feelings
Keeping it within themselves
Until they choke on it,
And it eats them alive.

Why don't we all
Openly and without prohibitions,
Express ourselves to the ones we love,
Take a chance on life
Leave ourselves open and
Just for that few seconds
To say I love you
Then take whatever may come,
The happiest moment of your life,
Or the worst.

Whatever it is,
We face it head-on
Take it as it comes
Get knocked down, but we climb up.

And we move on from that experience,
From that person,
Not leaving any strings hanging.
A completion.
A closure.

Why don't we give that
To ourselves?
Give ourselves the opportunity to
Move on,
Close this chapter of our lives.

We would be hanging on forever
Forever thinking, "what if?"