How to Know My IP to Protect Me

Lesley_smallby Lesley Wonder20 May 2020

As this new world of technology, communications and networking develops, we realize that there are endless possibilities and many paths to follow. The new technology, especially for those who were not born with it, is like learning a new language and requires quite some time to understand how to navigate and configure our privacy, for example, in social networks. Many times we hear about IP, how to know my IP, find out who sent a certain message, where a certain person is located, and much more...

What the IP is for

First, we must know that the IP address is a number that identifies our computers. The IP is like a fingerprint, unique and unrepeatable, and each computer is identified with this number on the network. This identification is used for messages or requests sent to reach their destination, that is, to communicate with each other around the world. That is why when computers communicate they must speak the same language to understand each other. That is basically the function of the IP.

How to know my IP

There are several ways to 'know my IP', as it is not confidential information. You can log on to to locate IP automatically. Just as VeePN and other websites can access that information because it is a global location, anyone can easily identify your number. All you need to do is to have a few pieces of information and get started. IP started out as an identifier, as a tool to organize and enable communications between different devices, but, like everything else, it has a good side and a not-so-good side.

Knowing our IP helps us protect ourselves

We wonder how to know my IP address, but once we know it, what will we do with that information? Why would we want to know the IP address? One of the main reasons is to prevent other network users from accessing our computer and to allow us to browse anonymously. Protecting our privacy is very important and will allow us to hide our online activities. The best way to hide your IP is to subscribe to a VeePN.

VeePN for anonymous browsing

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way to hide IP and remain anonymous in networks. The VPN is a service that will allow you to use servers in other countries with many benefits. You will be able to unblock Internet content that is blocked, such as digital TV channels, social networks or websites, and you will also have a connection with unlimited speed. VeePN will hide your IP and will not allow other users to know your location, your online activities or your sensitive information. You have the ability to sign up and try the VPN for seven days with unmatched plans - you can start using it in minutes!