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This was created for a special person in my life who I met twenty-five years ago as an acquaintance, only to come back in my life and find out he felt the same way I did back then.

You Again

Pz-avatarby Liez7423 Apr 2018

Twenty-five years ago, I looked at you for the first time.
I saw you smiled and it haunted me from that moment.
Within those walls, each day I longed to have a glimpse.
Our eyes met more than once, the butterflies danced each time.

The society was our backdrop, the knights matched for a challenge.
The match had ended, but nobody could claim my heart.
There was one knight I always cheered for,
Before the match began, the knight claimed already another beautiful heart.

The day came for you to go, to build a new life.
The next time I knew, I was missing you each day.
From there on, I wish you’d come back or come across you.
So I could tell you how much I’d love to know you more.

Twenty-five years have gone by, we never crossed our paths.
But you were still tucked in that little corner of my heart.
Then one day on January 16, you suddenly showed up.
My heart beat so fast, the butterflies danced in me again.

Twenty-five years felt like it was only a year ago when you left those walls.
That same feeling I had for you, remained in my heart.
That moment the butterflies danced again, a strange thing happened
I felt a deep spiritual connection, even if we are oceans apart.