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This was created for a friend who meant really well in spite of the grumpiness and being so moody.


Pz-avatarby Liez7423 Apr 2018

At a glance he appears amiable
Ask him and he'll share his wisdom,
He walks with pride and yet very personable
Annoy him and you'll sense his boredom.

He can be a challenge when you do not listen
So go on and go distant, he needs it now and then,
Leave him alone when his moods are dampened
Just keep in mind he is still your friend.

Words come out rare, so be patient
But his actions wil give you content
Push him and he'll go farther,
And eventually may disappear.

Grumpy he can be, but he means well
Be honest and you'll win his trust,
That grumpy old man is not your average lad
For he is one of the most interesting person you will ever meet!

--- by Liez74 8/10/12