Fog and Rainbow

Pz-avatarby Liez7421 Jun 2018

The sky looked pale, the wind blew back
The clouds moved in and the heavens started to cry
The earth began to smoke and the clouds came down to gather
Dusk started to settle in and the moon rose on the east.

Across the lands and seas, the sun rose early
The heat scorched the pavement, the tin roof shined blindly
The streets filled with bicycles and buses and cars and jitneys
People gathered at the market to start the day right.

Back to the west the sky cleared a little
The sun had little window to shine upon the Lincoln Memorial
When that light touched the back of the marble, rays of colors reflected towards the east
The pale sky was still there, but the colors swelled my heart.

Three hours later and half across the world, the sky became gray
The sun hid back and the heavens teared up
As you looked up high , the shine was no longer there
But vivid bands of colors enveloped the tin roof instead.