Img_20201206_123800by Linoy Asullin28 Nov 2020

Hi, my name is Mark, I'm 5 years old,
i am at my home feel bored,
my mom offerd to take me to shopping,
I am ready to going.
we went to the market,
my mom didn't forget to take a basket
We came into a candy store,
Wow ..what a variety of candies, chewing gum and more ..
Mom bought me a packet of chocolate,
she chose for me my favorite taste.
I'm having so much fun with my mom,
And the taste of the chocolate is really yummy yum,
But wait,
Wait a minute,
It never happened to me,
I lost my mother,
oh dear father!!
I do not believe,
How did she just leave?
I'm really, really scared,
I think I'm getting mad,
Mom - where are you ??
please Do not leave me, I love you!