I Loved Her...

Zoo_avatarby Lipe Lea30 Oct 2014

I loved her style in which she wrote
And what she writ
The passion in how she spoke
When she would recite me a bit,
Every vowel and consonant
That escaped her lip
Had me hanging on its hinge
Waiting for the next piece to come in,
Every word was a stroke
Bringing her masterpiece closer to fruition,
Every word sculpted
The form of her exhibition,
Her silence and smile
Indicated its completion,
My silence and smile
Indicted her art had begun to seep in.

I loved her perspective of the world
And the glasses she saw it through,
As if she had never grown a day old
And the world was still so new
She converted my perceived banality
Into a ballet,
So I can dance with dreams
To be free from being blasé
She restored the colour
That I lost in the dark
Put the blue in my seas and skies
And green in my trees and grass
Re-painted my sun and
Brightened my moon and stars,
Coz to her life was a struggle
But also art.

I loved her honesty when she would
Imprint her soul on paper,
Reading it made me feel
Like I was eavesdropping on a prayer,
Or a thief in her house
Sifting through her belongings,
Trying to figure out where she came from
And where she’s going,
Picking locks and looking through
A keyhole to her heart,
To glimpse the parts no one ever saw
That gave her poetry spark,
She undressed her mind
Showed me her train of thought bare,
I took the one way ticket
Without seeing its destination; didn’t care,

I loved her body language
When she would speak her prose any time,
Her words touched my ears
Her hands spoke to my eyes,
They wove a tapestry which complemented
What she delivered orally,
Her movements punctuated
What she spoke metaphorically,
My pupils dilated as she raised her voice
While her fingers spread,
My neck and spine stiffened
When her voice boomed with fists clenched,
The base of my back would tingle
Taking in every physical signal
Her words gushed like fuel
For her hands to kindle.

I loved her courage
Articulating thoughts like bullets,
Killing the limits of my imagination
Destroying my insecurity’s cushion,
She found my line in the sand
Poured water over it all,
Sprayed graffiti murals
Over every inch of my heart’s walls,
She let herself in
Didn’t care for boundaries,
Told me stagnation is bred
From long stretches of peace,
She took me to the edge
Of all I had ever known,
Pushed me off the top
And yelled at me to let go.

I loved her…poetry.