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When we find love and then lost it..

To Estella

27by Sun Yang05 Mar 2019

Refreshing lemon tea,
Floating peninsula-like ice cubes,
Melting in the hot air of fire ball,
Bimodal surge of chest,
Glowing dazzling white light,
The upper lady's sapphire brooch,
Miss Lisa’s beautiful ornaments,
Under dainty sunshade,
Red balsam covers,
Green velvet grass,
And the trim of rose plants,
Pink rose、golden tulip,
And white lily,
Tassel sets off delicate beauty,
Under tight underclothes,
Hiding round white pigeons "cuckoo - cuckoo",
Curly hair,
Is the feather of the canary,
Slim figure,
Release of musk-like sweat,
Moist、crimson cheeks,
Fall into Eve's forbidden fruit,
Masquerade luxury feast,
High society of paradise,
Waiter lightly moves,
Silver tray is in his hands,
Set off cocktail precious golden liquid,
Shuttle among celebrities,
The perfect cover up of all kindness and virtue,
Carelessly spills mellow alcohol,
Seduces young hormone,
Beautiful noble tulips,
Orchid-like fresh face,
Exquisite tuxedo,
Slender black cane,
Melancholy smile,
Luxury crystal lamp,
Shining in whirlpool-like of illusion,
Dancing candles,
Roses are so fruit,
Scattering of deep shade,
The spread of mouth-watering balsam,
Deep blue eyes,
Spinning waltz,
Complaisant steps,
Careless whisper in balcony,
A sultry midnight,
Stimulate sweat gland rapidly secretes,
Outdoor herbaceous plants,
Naughty beetle is on vine,
Gentle breath,
Mixed with flowery scent,

-(Wake up, Master Dr. J, your blaze is lit by love flame again,
Oh, my hidden secrets depth within, my black genius,
The greatest inspiration thy force to desecrate nature tonight\ -I- Miss Lisa...
Thou, silence hides in loneliness, stubborn frown,
Move along with impulse springs- brilliant vitality,
You come from my disguise,
I am your funky smiles and jealous sigh,
A dating encountered in the Private room,
Uncover the magic veils of Face-lifting,
Blond hair overflow a pomatum smell- dense,
The little diaphanous nose- my lovely pudding,
Petite and plump lips- pout,
Indistinctly shell teeth- cherry,
Graceful curve- feminine,
Is the feature of woman- elasticity\fresh,
Outline the fatal attraction from eve,
Her skin looks like solidify fat,
As crystal as jade,
As smooth as porcelain- skin...)|

*Sapphire-like eyes,
Dense, delicate eyebrows,
Limbs burning in fire of desires,
Composition of nice curves and elongated bones,
Exudes the wild of African leopard,
Midnight kiss,
From the night has been burning to the dawn,
I laugh at myself,
I should forget yours all,
But secrets never forgive me,

|(The twisted soul breaks free from the shackles of the body.
After the pain of stripping, thou’ sublimate and voiced a sigh.
Romantic kiss at midnight,
I wear a silver-plated cross alone,
Pacing in a private garden,
Because in the midnight of the aromatherapy,
I selfishly lied to your innocence,
Unwittingly whispers, yellow lights, misty rains,
Even the dust Elves is playing with his boots,
Maybe you cannot understand,
Whenever the tide recedes,
The coast is always in desperate pursuit.
Concomitant, this life- until eternal...)-

Oh yea’,
When the tide retreats,
Coast is always desperate to chase,
Driving Venice boat,
Cut through the moon reflected in the agate river,
Explore traces of ancient wisdom,
Beautiful Gold coast of Australia,
Is a paradise on the earth,
Sun shines above the mediterranean,
Rippling blue waves of exotic,
A lover's resort,
Village buildings in the uk,
Lighthouse under the setting sun,
Singing the idyllic lullaby,
Delicate gentle French castle,
Vast fields of violet,
Noble Purple domain,
Is the hometown of the Cloris,
Romantic sweat,
Smile at me at the beginning,
In the end mercilessly bite me,
People around me,
My soul is numb- I behold,
I went to the Boulevard alone,
Because I cruelly stole your virginity,
My painful past,
Nibbling my bones,
Ecurred before misery come again,
So wildly,
Gray nightfall implies another marvel of survival,
Siberian wind whirled here,
Freeze up my dwelling.