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A story about young couple and how snow can bring people closer together

Magic Of An Snowflake

5d91f798fe6f6cfcabb4495231b4d3e8by Lissyluna24 Dec 2016

Snow flakes fell peacefully from the sky 
The sound of the snow falling as my best friend sat by my side
We were 10 he smiled as we we watched the night turned to day 
He kissed me for the first time and told me he was moving away 
For the next 10 years I would stand at a street light watching as the snow would fall 
So silently making no sound at all 
The snow looked like magic as it glistened in the light 
So powerful and beautiful in the night 
I turned as a blue eyed man knelt on one knee 
He smiled and said will you marry me
I smiled with joy in my eyes
So grateful for this man who was amazing surprised 
Every year we returned back to the same place watching the snow
My elderly hands were now frail but I had to go
The blue eyed man now  couldn't remember my name 
This place where we met always remained the same

About this poem.
This is just a fictional story about how magical the snow can be.