Pz-avatarby L. McMorries19 Jul 2017

We loved like E minor
ringing strong, and deep, and true.
Our souls swam like incensed smoke
blue-grey tendrils silently weaving and dispersing
leaving behind fragrant memories of a not so distant past.
We clung to each other like ivy vines
pulling and twisting each other along to unreachable heights
with invisible thorns.
I stopped chaining the door
in hope that you'll remember that you have a key
Or you'll remember that you have me.
That hope guides me
Or destroys me
Depending on the day
It builds imaginary futures
where your hand still echoes mine
And my head lays warm and heavy on your chest.
Our music sits in the air
swaying to words we were both too afraid to say out loud.
My heart is not done loving you
but it is so hard
to love a ghost.