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A tribute to those on the front lines during the current health crisis.

All Heroes Ain't Got Capes

Pz-avatarby Rod Loche09 Aug 2020

I once saw a hero
Who did not look the role
He was brittle and thin
Not much to behold
But when darkness fell
And the cold winds blew by
He wiped every tear
And he heard every cry

I once met a hero
Some thought was a fake
No muscles no music
No disguise nor a cape
But her talents to heal
Were so clear from the start
Like shelter from rain
A hero of the heart

I once knew a hero
With no stature or brawn
But her shoulders were stout
For the hurt to cry on
She lamented and listened
Helped carry their load
Plucked them from despair
Surely altered their road

There once was a hero
Who didn’t have fame
Had no super powers
And no alias name
But the gifts of this hero
To all I implore
To show love in the ways
Of no hero before