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A story of a girl with a horrible life.


De7786d7-e6eb-4dd4-988e-cf5aded2c38dby Scarlet Lily17 Apr 2017

She’s not that pretty, she’s not that tall, she’s just a normal girl, but for them she’s hard to ignore.
They’ve wanted to torture her more.
Scars, Bruises and Dripping Blood
And clothes that are covered in mud.
“Please stop” she begged
“We want you dead”
That’s what they said
But what did she do that made them hate her?
She pleaded and wished for someone to help her
To be able to escape from this Disaster
Until one day she finally did it
What they have always wanted
She found a rope that fits
She has waited until she wasn’t surrounded
A body that hangs like a mistletoe
Finally, her dreadful life had ended
What happened to the people who hated her so?
They are mourning at her funeral
Talking about how they have used to go out every weekend
Because they were her only ”Friends”