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This was a Just In Case note..
But now It's just a remainder of my memory.
To anyone Going Through this please know that you are loved and there is always a person who will care for you. So please talk it out.

A Just In Case

De7786d7-e6eb-4dd4-988e-cf5aded2c38dby Scarlet Lily17 May 2020

I never said I was lonely
I just feel this darkness inside me
Crawling into my skin
Killing me deep within

I never meant this to be edgy
To all the people I love I'm sorry
I really want to stay more
I know I wasn't like this before

Im clinging to the glimpse of hope
But now I’m at the end of the rope
I can’t hold on any longer
I know I should've been stronger

I wish the world would be alot better
And to not make it any more sadder
I hope you care for each other
Cause for me each of you matters

But this is the last piece i’ll write
Because soon i'll be leaving from your sight
I will finally be free
from this life I call a tragedy