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Many, many years ago, I knew that my world was changing – in fact, it seemed to be crumbling around me. Everything I dreamed that I dreamed that I wanted suddenly seemed to have the proverbial rug pulled out from them.

I just walked off, to be in nature. I strolled through the woods and across fields of prairie grasses . . . I waded through shallow creeks, gazing at the fish and stones …

Upon reaching the top of a bluff, this was the vision I received.

Safe Journeys!


L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo14 Aug 2016

I heard the crows’
raucous caws
as they flew
after another
in pairs,
perch upon
a barren sycamore

I see my dreams fly
on those wings,
vying each other
for dominance,
for survival.
Which is to win
the nest of my soul,
Which is to force
the other to flee?

Two live,
Two to go away,
to exist in the
Netherworld Sky
of my memory.

published in :
Thirteenth Hour: Collected Poetry Readings 1988-1990 (Twin Tails Press, 1990)
Talking Leaves (volume 7, number 1, Fall Equinox 1997)