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Today, let’s hop the flight from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, to Leticia deep in the Amazon jungle.

Pack some taters (chips, fries –or whatever is your pleasure – for today is National Potato Day, honoring that great tuber that originates in South America’s Andes :

You’ll also need a black cow to accompany your snack. (For, yes, it is also Black Cow Root Beer Float Day. What is that, you may ask? Check it out:

And tune into “Endless Flight” from the movie “Babel” – composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, who was born in Argentina on 19 august 1950 :

Safe Journeys!


L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo19 Aug 2016

Bogotá disappears,
skyscraper by home,
to raw emerald &
agate earth

Through nebulous bolls
a conical volcano peers
A northward wind carries away
a thick ochre-grey cloud
within it crater

Rivers snake across the plains,
through dark jungles
shadowed by a white vaporous sea
rolling to the horizon

Within the folds
of the uneven tierra
glimmer distant cities
& isolated settlements

Southward to selva
the currents of this land
jostling this plane
Clouds denser, the sky

The cumulous rend, revealing
treed expanses, frequent
fires spiraling thick smoke
& far off the towering blurs
of La Niña rains

Suddenly we are surrounded
by white shakened, shaking
white of truce
white of dove
cocaine white
white of virginity
of those forests below
white of, white of …
shakened, shaking …
surrounded … blind

Momentary liberty
to glimpse distant blue
beneath … above … canopies
of clouds … veils again drawing
shakened … blind … surrounded
yet glimpses, glimpses …

& finally free
Below the broad Amazon
reflects swift thunderheads
shadowing the land

published in :
Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine (Issue 14, June 2013)