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On 28 May 2014, Maya Angelou passed to the next phase of existence.

Thank you, sister, for your great voice – for your inspiration and affirmation that, no matter how difficult our early lives may be, we must find our voice, speak / sing clear and loud!

Issue 15 (2007) of Drumvoices Revue was dedicated to Maya Angelou and Quincy Troupe. This was one of two Kwansabas that I dedicated to her in that special edition:


L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo05 Aug 2014

Born in a twisted cage, a mistake,

outcast, hunger-faint, blue & black &

crimson … abused … & abused … & self-abused,

fleeing the trample of mare’s hooves flying

through the night, my child’s voice crying …

a whisper, a whimper … But you, Maya,

gave voice, gave power to this bird.

Drumvoices Revue

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