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Cueva de las Manos is in Cañadón del Río Pinturas, located 172 kilometers (107 miles) south of Perito Moreno in the Argentine Patagonia.

In the cliff overhangs of this canyon are found hundreds of handprints of humans –and hoof prints of guanaco. Other such rock paintings exist in the Patagonia of not only Argentina, but also Chile.

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L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo22 Aug 2014


Beneath a deep indigo sky

we travail a road through dry landscape

hard grasses, spiked shrubs tipped with frost,

brooks skimmed with ice fracturing

in the late dawn palely painting the clouds

magenta, gold, orchid,

distant polychrome mountains

fleetingly alpenglowed,

the morning star yet bright,

the creamy near-full moon already set

beyond a long plateau, beyond a field where

birds flock, solitary beings in the loneliness of this

Patagonian valley carved by ancient glaciers,

the rising sun yet tinting the pastel heaven,

shadows pooling in the deep folds of the earth,

ochre, bittersweet,

green, taupe.


We now cut across a more eastern plain

molded & scraped by glacial fingers

Grazing herds of tawny & white

guanaco against the tawny landscape

in the tawny light of morn

Down into the steep-walled canyon

tawny, white, faded purple,

eroded crags towering into the celestine sky


On the time-smoothed walls of a shallow cave,

beneath rock overhangs,

guanaco heavy with child gather around a

creamy full moon, millennia-old hands,

ochre, burgundy

bittersweet, cream

touch the stone

hands of a people

long gone … long forgotten

in the loneliness

of this Patagonian earth

published in :

Munyori Literary Journal (Zimbabwe / US)(18 April 2014)

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