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When I worked in Denali National Park, I was often told that once you go to Alaska, it will touch your soul. You will always want to return. I believe that is true.


L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo03 Oct 2014

—for my travelling compañer@s

I walk through the taiga forest

to still my thoughts

My inner Self is quieted

&listening to the voices

of the Mother

Aspen leaves

quaking & whispering …

…then silent in the passing breeze …

Lines of poetry

the words tumble

in the stream of my mind

Like the pebbles polished

in the braiding brooks

The icy clear waters dividing


onto their own courses

meeting again

among the willows

Like us

going apart

only to meet


meet again

& again

I gaze into the forest of little sticks

the trunks dense

their roots covered by moss & lichen

I stand upon a bridge

listening to the waters pass

over the multi-colored rocks

I walk through the taiga

& am forced to look around me—

not at where I step …

The challenges are around me—

not at my feet …

published in:The Medium (Winter 1994)