L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo10 Oct 2014

The sun shines through misted royal palms
A bicycle nearing me rhythmically
sways with the rider’s pumping
The morning air echoes with
a woodpecker’s rapping
The faint shadow of another bicycle coasting
by falls on my path
On that farm & there roosters crow

A green Soviet motorcycle sputters by
Behind an elderly woman hugs the
driver’s back to her chest

A silhouetted tractor comes down this country road
softly humming

From his yard hedgerowed with crotons
a boy wheels his bicycle out
With one foot on a pedal, he mounts it
wobbles a bit then steadily rides off to school

Other children walk down a hill’s dirt path
notebooks loose in their arms
Their sun-darkened legs kick up dust

Five egrets rise from rich brown soil
freshly plowed by two oxen
led by a loosely shirted man

& later in a few hours
The bright sunlight of mid-morning
will filter through the last mists
& through clouds of dust raised by
yearlings & vaqueros

The hills of Matanzas
roll behind them
My mind my desire follows the
faint road that ribbons
up & beyond

published in :
The Chariton Review (Fall 1997)