L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo05 Jan 2015

The moon
two days old
and Venus
high in the twilight sky
Dusky indigo …
the horizon dusky orange …

Strains of piano music
soften the sound
of a passing car

A female voice
a soft male grunt reply

The roosters are quieted
Mars is red in the northern quadrant

The cat waits at the back door ….

My Spirit flies over the jungle
the green expanse
under my hawk’s wings

It swoops
to catch
carry away a rodent ….

I pick the bones clean

Again over the green
stone Maya combs
arise below
I land upon
the Temple of Inscriptions

My Hawk Self squawks

Then I am once more
in the human self
standing atop the Temple
I hear my voice
blasting through
the jungle trees

Leave me alone
If you won’t call
Leave me alone

I fled
flew through river canyons
fleeing my pleading voice
Call me
Until I came
to this place
in the green heart

The monkeys
and toucans
the jaguars
raise their heads
in silent question
to my crying ….

published in :
Dream International Quarterly (volume 28, Summer / Fall 1997)