L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo06 Jan 2015

It is now evening ….

Since last night
it has seemed it was going to rain
with the clouds gathering into blankets
But this late morning / early afternoon
sometimes the sun came burning through
drying the thoughts away ….

The ground is brittle
the brush dry
Limbs shatter at the lightest touch

For the past few hours
a gentle rain has been falling
Lightning pulses almost endlessly
across the sky
silent lightning
… There is no thunder …

How are the lightning storms
there in the desert of New Mexico?
Is it as silent ashere?

The night I left Austin for México
torrential rain flooded the streets
lightning endless
& still the silence …

In Missouri
the heavens seem to be ripping apart
when the storms come …
The lightning sharply tears at the sky
The thunder cracks in great explosions

I have had many truck drivers tell me
that nothing compares to
the intensity of
Midwest / Great Plains storms

P.S. After I wrote these lines
I drifted on the rays of night
into the Dreamworld
Then I was shaken
the very foundations of this house
were shaken
by thunder

published in :
River King Poetry Supplement (Spring 1998)