L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo15 Mar 2015

For a long while in
this late afternoon, thunder
grumbles ‘cross the lake.

Then the wind begins
to blow leathery mango
leaves through the open
kitchen door. The níspero
tree twists, leaden clouds swirl, thin
lightening slices the
twilight. First drops pelt the tin
roof & fine, dry soil.

Suddenly the rain
downpours, darkening the dusk
vibrating with pale
orchid flashes &
deafening crashes, with
burnt ozone & the
screams of too-close strikes.
Rivulets flow ‘cross the floor.

& once the storm calms,
completed night has fallen
& faint stars appear.

published in :
RED OCHRE LiT (October 2011)
“Venezuela Vignettes”
(a chapbook of 5 poems: Morning Tapestry; Mango Sunset; Towards the Río Orinoco; Landscape Serenade; Tempest)