L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo15 Mar 2015

I. Cerro Castillo

Like mediaeval castle turrets
the ancient cinder chimney
stabs the cloud-dusted sky.
Snows sheen in the new-day sun,
the glacier edged ice-blue.

Summer is nearing its end,
leaves turn yellow, fields to russet.
A trio of bandurria
stretch their buff necks
into the morn & cry.

II. Cruce Caleta Tortel

The full moon rises
above silhouette mountains
fringed with lenga &
ñirre forest.

From the sea clouds drift
up the Río Baker valley.
La Luna’s light gleams
upon glaciers
& cliff
metamorphosed by time.

III. To the End of the Road
(Villa O’Higgins)

Thin reeds stipple the
glacier lakes reflecting
millennia mountains
caked with blue-white ice. Rain-
weakened sun glosses
the waters.
Through lenga
forest cascades fall
down cavernous canyon
walls, swirl into the
foaming milky river.

published in :
Ground Rush (Nº 1, Summer 2014)!lorraine-caputo-carretera-austral/cvpq