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18 March is Goddess of Fertility Day.

For many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, this was the season it was believed that women were fertile. Special ceremonies were offered to Aphrodite and to other goddesses of fertility.

Even for the Muisca nation in east-central Colombia, this belief was held. El Infiernito, near Villa de Leyva, is a site where such rituals were held. A special calendar marked the passage of the sun. When no shadow was cast (at the equinoxes), the earth and women were fertile for planting. Women entered the special stone forest to perform their special


L_caputoby Lorraine Caputo18 Mar 2015

Diana’s Song

I saw the moon last night
Clouds slowly drifted
towards her
By her cool sheen
Deep blues
and greys
Against the black night

Gaia’s Song

Dance, Spirit
Through the trees
Around, ‘round
See the spiraling trunks
Touch the Breath
of Mother Earth

Diana’s Song II

I want to dance with the moon and the stars
Breathe in the silver light
I want to dance in the blackened sky
Bathe in the cool crisp air

all published in :
Thirteenth Hour (Twin Tales Press, 1990)