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Lorraine Caputo

From Somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego

I am a travel writer, poet and translator who has journeyed the length and breadth of the Americas for over 25 years. Among my many adventures are hiking the legendary Jungle Trail from Guatemala to Honduras, hitching Chile’s Carretera Austral, exploring over seven dozen archaeological ruins, hopping 100 trains or so, and having a close encounter of the FARC kind. An on-going personal project is a collection of poems and tales of my train journeys. My literary works appear in English and Spanish in over 100 journals in Canada, the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa; eight chapbooks; 12 anthologies; and five recordings. Also I have done more than 200 literary readings from Alaska to Patagonia. I co-founded performance artist collectives and organized events in several US states. I have translated the works of several Latin American poets. Through these expressions, I teach, affirm and inspire, creating bridges of understanding between cultures, between pueblos.

Top 5 poets

  1. Pablo Neruda
  2. Carl Sandburg
  3. Langston Hughes
  4. Daisy Zamora

Top 5 poems

  1. Canto General by Pablo Neruda