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I am writing you a Letter of Poetry.



A Confessional Letter of Admiration

Pz-avatarby V11 Mar 2015

What we have is beautiful, unreal and frightening,
I shut my eyes to think about it and I fall apart,
knowing it might end too soon or never really begin.
As I struggle to pull apart my thoughts from my imagination,
I fall prey to memories that are beginning to romance fiction.

Now, more than ever, you seem to be a character from one of my fantasies,
opiating me with stories that are hauntingly familiar,
and reminiscent of a home I have been carrying with me for a while.
As the alphabets across my diary appear to take your shape,
I ponder over the teasing curve of my ‘S’ and the uneasy charm of my A.
You peer across from the pages like I have chained you,
but you convince me that I have locked you up in words and for that reason you don’t wish to be free.
Exposed and Examined, I whimper in relief
as I fail miserably to fathom this bond that we call ‘nothing’.

I have been running for some time now.
But you have beguiled me into taking a stroll past the potted plants of history and the unruly weeds of literature.
As we trudge along, I ask of you nothing and you ask of me nothing;
only questions come between us as answers to silences we do not wish to break.
So, let us not break this stride or halt in our meanderings;
let us only free-fall into conversations about matters we don’t wish to label.

I only ask of you one thing;
do not let me stop you from finding another person and loving them,
but do let me know if you are willing to go knee-deep into my stories and retrieve our lost time.
I realize you are ambiguous about this thing called time,
but I assure you that you have misunderstood it for far too long.
Now, close your eyes while I whisper into your ears a truth; What if I told you that time runs backwards so that we can look forward to innumerable beginnings and unreachable endings, stuck in a story of absolute pain and infinite pleasure?