Lawrence_original_3-1by Lawrence Estrey23 Mar 2020

Indoors, off work
Relaxing yet tense
Do I have the virus?
Probably not
Yet most people already have it

Will there be food tomorrow?
Stores selling crucial goods?
How will Londoners survive?

Niggling symptoms, familiar but worrying
The tickly throat I often put down to hay fever
The sore shoulders -
Too much work at the keyboard or something more sinister?

The possibility of unrest on the streets
Looting and rioting
Clashes with police and Armed Forces

Was life really so simple two weeks ago
Seems that way but it can’t have been
Even then people had concerns; they knew the virus would get out of control

How great to fall asleep and wake up, knowing the problem has gone away
No more virus
But that would be living an illusion

We can only hope