June 17, 2013

Imageby L. Swain19 Jul 2013

Your hands taste like the moonshines watery beams,
Touch me all o’er. I need you,
The schematic waves all intrusive gleam,
I dream in th’ light of you--
Swim above me, climbing the west wind tilt,
Th’ portent of centered sky,
I watch with rippled eyes your honest built,
You'll ne’er scope my eyes.
Shine on me, I want you, you skin above mine,
My bed seeks your arrival,
Moving through the zenith hallway defined,
My arms wait for your fall.
Move your hips, stride in steamy innocence,
Thoughts smack waiting for you,
You take from base thought shots of my senses,
I want you. I want you.
From coast to coast my long bed lies open,
Come join me, shake my naked heart broken.